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SMS Audience Segmenting

Create hyper-targeted & profitable segments for your SMS campaigns
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Create Audience Segments
Using Roezan

A lot of the times you need to ensure that only the correct contacts receive certain messages

Whether it's ensuring people who already registered or bought something don't receive follow up emails reminder them to sign up

Or it's ensuring that only your most valuable customers get certain communications

It's vital you can ensure that these messages arent sent to the wrong people

However, sometime's there a lot of list spillover... You might want to SMS your "master list" to ensure that your message is received by as many as possible

But you don't want to annoy people who aren't interested or already signed up

And that's where segmenting comes in

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You're In Complete Control Of Your Segments And Whose In Them

Segments are as powerful as you want them to be

Here's an idea of the things you can segment based on:

-Segment based on lists
-Segment based on tags
-Segment based on link clicks
-Segment based on custom fields
-Segment based on automations
-Segment based on purchases
-Segment based on webinar registrations

And more...

The point is... If you can think it up, you can segment by it

We believe you should have complete control over your audience and your costs

Nobody wants to send text messages to people who aren't clicking

So that's why we're doing all we can to allow you to reach your best audience with segments

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