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Automated SMS Reminders For Live Events & Webinars

Use Roezan's built Events tools to create automatic text message reminders
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Event Reminders With Roezan

If you host live events like webinars or conferences, you know that getting people to show up can often be a challenge.

In today's world audiences are distracted and often forget to show up.... because they're too busy playing on their phones.

Well good news is that with Roezan's Event Reminders feature, you can remind them right ON their phone with SMS!

With Roezan Events, you can create automated SMS reminders to get your registrants to show up.

Start Using Roezan's Events SMS Reminders

How It Works

Creating custom event reminders is super easy.

Here's how it works:

1. Set up your event in Roezan.

Just create your event and give it a name. Add your date and time when the event starts.

2. Set up a welcome message

Set up a message that registrants will get as soon as they register.

3. Set up reminders

You can set up as many reminders as you want leading up to your event. A common series is 1 day before, 1 hour before, and 5 minutes before.

4. Add registrants to your list

Anyone who is added to the list will receive the messages automatically!

5. Get 10-30%+ more attendess

On average clients see a 10-30%+ increase in attendance just by adding these SMS reminders!

Increase Your Attendees With Roezan SMS Reminders

Using Zoom For Webinars?

If you're using Zoom for your live events, it's even easier! 

Just connect your Zoom account with our native integration and we'll autoamtically pull your events, pull your registrants, and even shorten your unique join links for your SMS reminders!

Click here to learn more about Zoom SMS reminders.

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