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SMS Broadcasts

Send Mass SMS Broadcasts To Your Entire Audience Or a Segment
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Send SMS Broacasts & Blasts

Want to send a mass SMS broadcast to your audience?

Roezan allows you to send an SMS or MMS to thousands of contacts at once!

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What Is An SMS Broadcast?

An SMS broadcast is a way to send a mass SMS or text message blast to your audience at the same time.

What Can You Use A Broadcast For?

You can use an broadcast for many reasons:


Send our promotional SMS blasts to your customers to alert them of limited time deals, discounts, and special offers.


Send out cool content to your subscribers like new videos, social media, pictures, and more.

Alerts and Notifications:

Send out alerts and notifications about anything happening in your business.

Live Event Invites & Reminders:

Hosting a webinar, challenge or live event? 

Send out a mass invitation via text message and get high engagement and loads of signups!

Plus send out reminders to increase your attendance and show up rate.

Segment Your Broadcast

Want to send your broadcasts to a specific portion of your list?

You can use your segmenting feature to send out to specific portions of your lists. Segment by list, tag, and more!

Personalize Your Messages

Use dynamic fields like firstname or other custom fields to personalize each message.

Built In Link Shortner & Click Tracking

Use Roezan's built-in link shortener to both automatically shorten links and track clicks back to your website! 

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