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2-Way SMS Conversations Platform

Use Roezan's Conversations feature to communicate with and engage your customers.
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Engage Your Customers 1-on-1

While you can use Roezan to send bulk sms / mass message broadcasts to your lists, you can also engage customers 1-on-1.

Because Roezan uses toll free numbers, you can receive messages right inside your portal.

Organize and respond to customers directly via SMS in your online portal:

Engage Customers 1-on-1 With Roezan

Conversation Features

Starting A Conversations

You can either start a conversation directly in the portal by clicking on a user, or if a contact replies, all the replies will show up in your dashboard.

Filtering To Help You Manage Messages

We automatically filter messages to help you organize. You can sort by latest, unread, or inbound messages, and you can also archive conversations when you're done.

Send SMS or MMS

With Roezan you can both send and recieve SMS and MMS. That means you can send your contacts pictures, animated gifs, and more.

Close Deals With SMS For Sales Teams

Customers often want to communicate via SMS and closing deals via Roezan is a huge win for your sales team. Use segmented broadcasts to peak interest, then use 1-on-1 conversations to close deals.

Provide For Customer Support via SMS

The conversations tab is also excellent for customer support teams. You can provide a level of support that is highly convenient for your customers.

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