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SMS Reminders For Calendly Events

Use Roezan's native Calendly integrartion to create automatic text message reminders for your booked calls!
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Calendly Text Message Reminders

If you're selling via booked call, adding text message reminders can dramatically help decrease no-shows and increase the show rate.

With Roezan's native Calendly integration, you can automatically set up customized reminders for your calls.

Each participant can recieve both booked meeting confirmation text as well as time-based reminders.

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How It Works

Creating reminders for your Calendly events is super easy.

Here's how it works:

1. Connect Your Calendly Account

Just connect your Calendly account to Roezan via our integrations page. We'll automatically pull in your account information and events.

2. Create An Event Reminder Template

With an event reminder template, you can set up a series of customized automated messages. If you have multiple event types, you can set up multiple templates as well!

3. Turn On Reminders

Turn on reminders for your events. As new events are created, reminders automatically flow out to help increase your show up rate!

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