How We Book Cheap Qualified Appointments With 70% Show Rate (High Ticket Call Funnel)

Marketing Strategy
August 17, 2023

WHAT UP ROEZANITESSSSSSS (learn to love it, I had to do the same lmao) it’s Devin Zander.

Alright so in 2023 we’ve been testing a lot of new things at Skup (the other company I own, an info marketing company).

Our goal this year is to really scale and grow our sales team.

Part of that means having a large flow of hot leads constantly coming in to keep both our setters & closers extremely busy...

And obviously… To make the company more money.

Today I’m going to talk to you about one of those initiatives - Our high-ticket call funnel.

This is something that we’ve been doing to generate qualified calls for under $50 instead of $200+ (which is what it seems most people pay with YouTube ads!)

SO if you have a sales team that sells a high ticket product, OR EVER PLAN ON HAVING ONE just pay attention to today’s topic because it’s pretty simple.

The Ad Type We Use To Generate Sub-$50 Qualified Calls With 70% Show Rate

Okay it’s not anything crazy… We’re using Facebook Lead Ads.

The reason this works so well is because if you’re running ads that keep people ON the Facebook platform without having them go to an external website two great things happen:

  1. Your conversion rate goes up (just less friction in your funnel) 
  2. Your CPMs go down significantly (which means cheaper leads/calls)

Before you judge this method, here’s what everyone’s favorite Guru alex hormozi had to say:

“If I had to start over, all I would do is setup Facebook lead ads and then call those leads”

Good enough for him… Good enough for you :)

What Are Facebook Lead Ads ?

For those of you who are unaware, lead ads are literally just forms that you can create on Facebook and then run ads to these forms to collect phone numbers, name & email.

The entire process happens on Facebook and there is no landing page like a traditional funnel.

Here’s what one of our forms look like… Nothing crazy lol

I would assume if you’re reading our blog you’re already running ads, so I’m not going to explain to you the step-by-step on creating a lead ad itself, you’re a badass and can figure it out yourself!

However, to use OUR method you’ll need to collect phone number in your form.

Here’s Facebook’s documentation on lead ads.

The Ad Itself: What Should Your Ads Say & Accomplish?

When creating Lead Ads the copy is extremely important even more so than other ads, simply because you aren’t sending them to a landing page to convert.

The ad itself is the conversion mechanism, so you gotta hook the curiosity and do the "selling" all in the same ad.

The ad itself should be pitching some sort of lead magnet. Just find a reason to get people to sign up to your email list and give you their phone number.

Whatever your lead magnet is, whether it’s a video training, a PDF, it doesn’t really matter… Just make the content GOOD.

However, A VERY Important factor with this method: 

You’ll need to have your ad qualify people.

You do not want to waste your setters and/or closers time with unqualified leads (been there, wouldn’t recommend it lol).


Let’s pretend you’re selling coaching to Shopify store’s that are doing over $10,000/month.


DO not create something that a brand new person who doesn’t even have a Shopify store would want to download or you will get leads that will not close.

Now, revise your ad copy to make sure to convey that expectation throughout the body copy, headline & image/video.

It needs to appeal solely to your target market.

(Side note here, I wouldn’t target anyone under the age of 25, that’s just from my experience haha)


The SECRET To Maximizing Appointments


The problem with most funnels is they assume people care, and are paying attention.

Here's the real deal (because this is what we preach every day, this is our entire thesis, this is why we created Roezan):

In today's economy, ATTENTION is the gold. It's also extremely scarce and hyper competitive.

Most businesses assume that when someone opts in they are motivated.

The reality is that most leads haphazardly opted in and then will nearly immediately forget about you and get distracted 2 seconds later.

(I mean let's be real, social media right now is ENGINEERED to just keep people's attention by slamming a constant stream of new posts/images/videos down our throats.)

So what does that mean?

We have to snipe these leads while they are hot.

As soon as they opt in, this is the time we have to strike.

This all can happen in the span of minutes, and this is the magic key to getting this to work.

Here's how it works, and it's very simple:

  1. They opt-in to the Facebook Lead Ad and provide their info
  2. We immediately text them with a low friction question  to get a response (engagement)
  3. As soon as we get a response, we call them
  4. On the call we qualify and set appointments

This method is simple and results in hundreds of low-cost, high-quality appointments per month.

It's easy - and the key is to have it all AUTOMATED.

Luckily we have Roezan to help out!

Setting This Up

It's pretty easy to get this set up and running automatically with Facebook & Roezan. You literally don't even need a landing page!

You’re going to want to do a few things:

  1. Create your lead form on Facebook
  2. Create a list in Roezan
  3. Create an auto-response message in Roezan for this list (more on this in a moment)
  4. Create a list in your email autoresponder (we use ActiveCampaign)
  5. Hook it all up with Zapier


So creating your list in Roezan is extremely straightforward (if you don’t have an account yet… What are you waiting for? Don’t you want more revenue with almost zero work thanks to SMS?)

With Roezan, you can create an auto-response when someone joins a list, so it will automatically text them when they opt in.

Here’s what it should say and look like:

“This is Devin from Skup, is this %FIRST_NAME%? I just want to make sure I have the right phone number.”

You can also include information about your lead magnet if you want… but it doesn’t make a huge difference.

So why THIS message?

Obviously we're trying to confirm if we got the right number, but more importantly we're just trying to elicit a response…

That’s all we care about. We're trying to get them to cross the "engagement" threshold.

Then we know we have an active, hot lead who is at their phone RIGHT NOW.

Because if they text us… And we call them back right away… They’ll almost always answer.

More on that in a sec...

Now you need to hook up Roezan to your Facebook lead form using Zapier.

This simple Zap will automatically push leads from FB to Roezan, then with a Roezan list auto-response, you can automatically send the message.

Special Note For ActiveCampaign Users

If you're using ActiveCampaign, you can also do this without Zapier as Roezan has a native integration with AC.

You can use ActiveCampaign automations to add the contact to a list in Roezan, and honestly you can even trigger messages to be sent via AC.


Now We Get To The Good Stuff, How To Make Money

Alright this is extremely simple:

You should already have launched your ad by this point, you’ve got your list created in Roezan and you’ve also got your welcome message setup.

Now all you have to do is WAIT for the responses to come in.

You’ll typically get a 30% response rate from the texts you send out.

And we’re currently getting leads for under $4.

So we spend about $12 before someone responds to a text.

Once we get a response we call those leads INSTANTLY because we know they’re at their phone right now and they have it open (use Zapier to get Slack notifications when someone texts your Roezan account)

Either you do it, your setter does it, or your closer does it depending on how your sales team is structured.

We have our setters do it.

At this point we’re usually turning 1 out of every 4-5 of those calls into an actual QUALIFIED BOOKED CALL WITH A CLOSER.

The Qualifying Call

On this first phone call all we’re doing is quickly qualifying people, making sure they’re interested in what we have to offer and ensuring they can afford it.

So you’re looking at $40 - $60 spend for EVERY QUALIFIED BOOKED CALL.

If you can close these people at 10% which is a little below average that means you’re getting high ticket sales ($5,000+ I’d hope) for on average $500

Now a 10% close rate is kind of low… However these leads are a little harder to close if your closers aren't good.

So it’s pretty important you’re really doing a good job of qualifying on these setting calls.

And if you do all of this right, it’s actually unbelievably easy.

You’re going to have some massive ROAs.

Utilizing Your List AFTER The Initial SMS

So obviously since not everyone is responding to that original SMS you’ll probably want to do follow ups with people

So what we do is apply a tag in Roezan to people who have booked calls with us

And then once every two weeks or so we’ll send an SMS broadcast to that list and we will exclude people who have already booked calls from the broadcast using our segmentation feature

This will typically get us a few hundred responses every time we do it so there’s A LOT OF MONEY TO BE MADE in these simple follow ups

Same rule applies, when someone responds you just call them immediately

Typically when we do a broadcast like this the message is this:

“Hey %FIRST_NAME%, this is Devin from Skup. Are you still interested in building a 6-Figure eCom business?”

I put Devin in the text above because that’s my name, however, typically we typically use whoever owns the lead’s name.

So in that case, we use the name of a setter to in the message because they’re the ones who are calling the leads and it helps battle confusion

Try this out and let us know how it works!


P.S. And if you want to do this, but aren’t utilizing Roezan for SMS yet, just click here to start a free trial of Roezan today.

And if you do sign up, I’ll help you get all of this sorted out and setup so hit me up!