SMS Opt-In: 8 Ways To Build Your SMS List

November 28, 2023

Having an SMS list is one of the most valuable and high-leverage marketing strategies right now.

But the question is, what are the best ways to get people to opt-in? 

How can you collect MORE SMS contacts (and do it in a way that doesn’t hurt conversions or generate a bunch of fake phone numbers?)

In this article I’ll show you some creative ways to get opt-ins. I’ll include both the optin methodology as well as the strategy.

But before we begin, it's really important to understand:

You must acquire explicit permission to text customers when collecting their information. Just putting a phone number box doesn’t cut it, and compliance is always changing.

Check out our article here on opt-in page compliance and requirements.

With that said, here’s 8 ways to collect phone numbers:

1) Opt-In Pages (Webform)

The most simple way to collect SMS numbers is a webform on an opt-in page. 

This is my preferred method because it’s very helpful to collect multiple pieces of info at once, like Name, Email, and Phone Number. 

For example:


  • Make sure your SMS opt-in is compliant (has compliance info + consent checkbox)
  • Offer something GREAT / extra for giving their phone number and 
  • Be explicit about how you’re going to text them / what they get

2) Checkout Page (Webform)

This is another type of webform, but just putting an SMS capture on the checkout, or the pre-checkout is a great way to collect more phone numbers.

Some checkouts are multi-step, in that they collect email + phone on step 1, and then billing info on step 2.

If you do this you can do a cart abandonment sequence!

3) HelloBar

A “hellobar” is a bar that lives across the top of your website and has a CTA.

Here's an example from our website:

The benefit of this is:

  • ALL website visitors will see this (great for promotions, lead magnets, events, etc)
  • It grabs attention no matter what page they are on
  • It's super easy to set up

Sometimes this leads to another page (with an optin), and sometimes you can put the webform right in the hellobar.

Yes, I know technically this is more of a traffic strategy than an actual opt-in method, but this still could be a good place to get more SMS!

4) Popup (Webform)

You can put popups on your website that collect phone numbers. This is especially popular in e-commerce (which you can borrow from).

Pro Tip: How to collect phone numbers without decreasing your conversion rate

H/T to the amazing Jason K Williamson who created the “trojan horse” strategy that is now common on nearly every single e-com site. This keeps your conversion rate high but allows you to collect phone numbers.

The strategy is simple:

  1. On step 1 of your opt-in, collect email + name.
  2. On step 2 of your optin, offer an additional bonus / discount for “joining the VIP text club”

4) Chat Bubble

You can put a small chat bubble on yours ite that collects phone numbers.

For example you can use this code here.

When someone clicks it, it will bring up a text application.

5) Text-To-Opt-In Campaigns / SMS Keywords

With Roezan, your prospects can optin via keyword.

For example, you can text hi to 1-855-674-3554 and opt in to receive messages from Roezan.

You can set up unlimited keywords in Roezan with your own phone number.

After a prospect opts in, you can create automations, send a series of messages, add tags or add to a list, etc. 

Learn more about SMS keywords here.

This is a fun way to get optins, however, there are a few negatives with this. 


  • It can be difficult for a client to type in your whole phone number (vs other methods)
  • Additionally you don’t collect the name and email right off the bat (you can, but they would need to respond to subsequent messages).

It may be easier to get all the contact’s details with a QR code, webform or other method (see below):

6) QR Code

This is a cool way to easily collect info, whenever some is either LIVE or has their phone available.

For example: 

  • Speaking from the stage
  • In person events
  • Could be online, but when people are on desktop (so they can scan with phone camera)

There are 2 ways to do this

1. QR Code > SMS

Here you can have a code that scans that creates a message in their SMS app. 

Here’s an example:

If you scan this, it will bring up your native chat app:

2. QR Code > Webform

Another easy method is to have a QR code that just links to a normal webform / optin.

If you scan this, it will take you to a landing page where you could opt in:

I built these both very easily with

7) Link (Click To Text)

You can use HTML to create a link that opens up the native SMS app and creates a message.

For example:

The format looks like this:

<a href="sms:number&body=message">Send SMS</a>

Read more about creating SMS HTML links here

8) Facebook Lead Ads

With Facebook lead ads, you can collect info / phone numbers.

One of the benefits is that FB saves previous entries and auto-fills phone numbers. 


These are a few ways to collect more phone numbers and build your SMS list fast.

Do you have any more suggestions? Let us know in the comments.