15 Tips For Hosting A Successful Webinar

Marketing Strategy
February 20, 2024

Do you want to host a GREAT webinar?

A webinar that delivers insane value, is super fun, and drives a ton of sales?

Over the course of my career, I've done hundreds of webinars that have resulted in millions in sales...

But it wasn't always this way.

My first webinars we're not that great, and I learned a lot along the way.

So in today's article I wanted to share 15 webinar tips to help accelerate your skills.

This is divided into 4 sections -

  • What happens in preparation for the webinar
  • What happens right before the webinar
  • What happens during the webinar
  • And What happens after the webinar

Let's get into it!

Before The Webinar

There's a lot that you can do to prepare before you do your webinar.

Having this all set up correctly will prep you for success:

1) Follow A Proven Template

The presentation isn't just to get on and teach and hope for the best.

The idea is to strategically remove objections, change their false beliefs and to get them to buy at the end.

So instead of just winging it, it's much better to follow a proven template.

A good place to start is Russel Brunson's perfect webinar. It will give you a simple framework to start from.

2) Practice It Out Loud To Get The Flow

Practicing the webinar by reading the slides silently is very different than speaking it out loud.

By practicing it out, you'll start to get the flow. I often change up my slides based on how the presentation is flowing.

For example if there is too much text on a slide, I'll break it up into multiple slides.

Or if it's getting boring I'll try to throw in a joke, or even edit out a section.

But practicing it out loud is the only way to really know what it's going to be like when you go live.

3) Promote Your Webinar

Promote your webinar wherever you can.

For live webinars, the majority of our signups come from our own email and SMS lists. We also run ads to the webinar registration and post it on social media.

I suggest starting to promote your webinar just a few days before you go live. If you start promoting too early, people will forget and your show up rates will suffer.

4) Remind People To Show Up Through Email + Text

Just getting people to sign up often isn't enough - you need to remind people to show up multiple times.

We actually put together a live webinar launch sequence for you to model.

The most important email / text is the "we're starting now" - that will drive a lot of people showing up.

Typically we're shooting for 30%+ show up rates.

Right Before The Webinar

Here's what to do about in the 30 min leading up to your webinar:

5) Get Pumped Up And In The Right Energy To Give It Your All

Energy is contagious and you need to get into a good state to give your best to the audience.

Get up, jump around, put a big smile on your face, sing your favorite song, whatever you have to do to physically get into a good state.

Then mentally prepare: Imagine giving a great presentation, really changing the lives of your audience, having great interactions and lots of sales coming in.

6) Get Prepared

Typically a webinar is going to last 45min-2 hours, so you want to get prepped so you don't have to leave in the middle of your presentation.

Here are some things you'll want to do:

  • Use the bathroom before you go live
  • Get a glass of water (you'll be talking for a long time)
  • Get comfortable
  • Make sure your computer is plugged in and charged

7) Log On Early

Anything can happen with live technology, so I suggest logging on and making sure everything works ~15 min before you go live.

You never know when Zoom might want to download some updates, your microphone or headphones stop working, or anything else.

If you log on early and give yourself time to test, you know you won't get caught up in last minute anxiety.

Almost all webinar software has a sort of "backstage" where you can log in with only the other presenters before you hit the "go live" button.

This is a great place to make sure everything works with your co-presenter or your helper (my next tip).

8) Recruit A Helper

This is one of the best hacks - Designate a friend or fellow co-worker to be your helper.

This person can log on early with you to test your audio and tell you if everything is working (from their own computer).

One thing that might happen is when you go live, you'll get people saying that they can't see your screen or your audio doesn't work, or you'll even get mixed messages. Some people say it's working, some people say it's not, and you don't know what's true.

Having a trusted helper can let you know what the truth actually is and alert you to any real problems along the way.

I also like having a helper so they can control the chat, kick people out (if necessary) and at the end help select questions for Q&A.

On The Live Webinar

Alright, here's the tips for what happens after you hit the "go live" button!

9) Once your on live, don't stop talking

You have a big job - keep these attendees entertained, keep the energy up, and keep their attention for the next hour or so. That means as soon as you go live, there should be no dead time.

As soon as I go live I don't stop talking. I tell people what's going on, I tell them that we're starting soon, I ask them questions... Anything to avoid dead air.

10) Ask For Interaction, Leave The Chat Public

I like to leave the chat public because it allows for great social proof. People are social animals and when they see a lot of other people interacting, they want to join in.

I ask for interaction and ask questions like "Are you ready? Give me a hell yeah in the chat if you're ready to start learning" and "Put a 1 in the chat if you're seeing how this could work for you."

11) Leave Your "Buy Link" On All The Slides

There is a part of the webinar in which you will drop the link to buy your product, but there will probably be lots of slides after that - Risk reversal, guarantees, bonuses, etc.

You want to make sure your link is on every slide after you drop it, so that the audience doesn't "miss" it and ask you to go back.

You want to have it displayed at all times after the drop.

12) Give Your Offer Scarcity

One of the best ways to drive action is to include some scarcity in your offer.

One thing we like to do is to add some "fast action bonuses" - Bonuses that you only get if you buy before the end of the webinar. This can help drive purchase decisions.

Post Webinar

13) Set A Time Limit

This is similar to the last point in that you want to set a time to actually close your offer.

If they can always buy, they don't have any reason to take action now.

14) Setup A Replay Page

This is a place where people can view the replay embedded on the page, plus get all the details on your offer.

When people ask for a replay, you can send them here so they can also purchase.

When you send your reminder emails that the offer is closing you can also send them here.

15) Follow Up & Close

Always always always follow up.

Send multiple emails up until the close of the offer.

Often 50% of your sales will come on the last day, and often in the last few hours.


There you have it, my top 15 tips for your first webinar.

What tips do you have? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Roezan makes it easy to set up automated SMS reminders to increase your attendance rate: