The Monthly Webinar Workshop Strategy We Use To Skyrocket Our High-Ticket Sales 

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September 15, 2023

Today, my friends…

We're going to have some fun AND I'm going to show you how to sell way more of your high-ticket products...

By sharing a simple webinar strategy that my companies have been using for the past few years that has generated us millions of dollars in sales.

But these aren't "normal" webinars like most people think about them.

Most webinars will have negative effect on your relationship with your list. Not a big one, but the simple fact that you’re making a direct ask of them to buy something from you while on the webinar… Well it’ll turn a few people away.

What’s amazing about the strategy that I’m going to share with you today is that it not only generates a lot of revenue… 

But it will also INCREASE your relationship and rapport with your list.

Because we aren’t actually selling anything on the call… We just give 2 or so hours of value.

And then we offer them the chance to book a call with our team at the end so they can get even more value.

The result?

  • Raving fans
  • Increased revenue
  • Webinar show up rates REMAIN HIGH (we average 50% attendance)
  • A lot of booked calls (we got just under 50 booked calls for a few hours of my time last month)
  • These calls are often close at an abnormally high rate as they are coming directly after training / education
  • Oh.. And did I mention increased revenue? Whatever… I’ll mention it again… Deal with it.

Let’s get into the strategy!

What Is The Goal Of Monthly Workshops?

The first and most important thing to understand is that this should not follow a Russel Brunson perfect webinar script and it shouldn't be a workshop tailored to complete beginners.

The simple reason:

This workshop is for people who are already on your email list, who have been learning from you, yet they haven’t become a high-ticket client of yours yet.

If you show them the same content they’ve already seen and or learned from you, well, let’s just say the webinar wont be extremely compelling for them lol.

…And they probably won’t come to any future ones.

That out of the way, the real goal for this workshop is three fold (in order of importance)

1) To create an obvious knowledge/skill gap between you and the audience

This means that when viewers watch your workshop, a thought like this should appear in their head:

“I thought I knew about x, but now after watching this presentation I realize I barely know anything”

This is also why we stay away from beginner content, it’s obvious, It doesn’t prove that you know way more than they do… It DOESNT SELL COACHING SPOTS.

2) To inspire the audience

If you’re trying to sell coaching, excitement is one of the best ways to do it…

Get them excited about the potential, the results, the possible future…

Share a lot of success stories and always reference that these success stories came from your coaching program.

Do not talk about results or students that aren't in your coaching program, here you’re only talking about how great and the results are in said coaching program.

3) To entertain

People hire coaches because they like them fundamentally as people: Be entertaining, have fun, show who you are!

If you accomplish these 3 things… You’re going to get a lot of booked calls.

And if your closing team is good… You should have 50% + close rates on these calls.

The people are already sold, it’s as warm as a sales call can be.

They’re booking the call because they LITERALLY WANT TO BUY.

The Content Of Your Workshop

Funnily enough what you teach isn’t actually the most important thing.

As long as a skill gap is created…As long as people are inspired…And as long as they found you entertaining and likable, you’ll win.

But here are the guidelines I use to create content:

First, Break down your process into chunks…

So in my space (e-com coaching) there are many different aspects to running a business

The process of starting a store could be:

  • Building your store
  • Doing product research
  • Creating facebook ads
  • Creating google ads
  • Optimizing your store with apps
  • Building out a customer avatar
  • Creating email sequences
  • Creating SMS sequences

Most people when they do webinars they cover the business model as a whole from A-Z, so they’d try to JAM PACK all the content above into a single webinar.

Or they pick the biggest 3 and smash them into 1 presentation (The 3 “hacks” or “pillars” you so often see on webinars lmao.)

This is a big no-no, remember the people attending are on your list and should already be warmed up and know your business model at this point.

What we’re looking for is less varied content and more depth.

So instead of glossing over all those topics over 2 hours, when we run a workshop we’ll just pick ONE of the topics from above and go incredibly deep.

THIS is how you create the “skill gap”  between you and your viewer which will lead to them realizing how much they can learn from, you which will make them realize they want you as a coach.

Let’s take one of the topics from above and see what an example workshop would look like:

Example Workshop Outline:

Creating email sequences:

  • What is an email sequence
  • The ROI of email and why its better than ads
  • Free money
  • Higher conversions
  • No ad cost

The different types of email sequences:

  • Cart abandonment
  • Customer win back
  • Upsell
  • Cross sell
  • Re-engagement

Email referrals:

  • How to reward people for sharing your email list
  • Software you can use to do this

How to write the perfect email:

  • How to outsource to an agency
  • How to use ChatGPT to automate email

It’s a lot of content, but you’re essentially giving two hours of straight value.

There’s no hero's journey, there’s no long winded intro...

Theres none of that because REMEMBER, these people are already on your email list.

They already know about you.

They don't need to be sold on you or this business model because you should have already done that work with your lead magnets, front end products & email sequences.

All this workshop does is provide value, push people over the edge and get those who are already engaging with you to join your high-ticket program.

Filling Up Your Calendar

After your done with your presentation, all you do is turn your slides off, webcam only at this point...

And for 15-30 minutes you say:


However, if you’re 1000% sure that this is something you TRULY WANT TO DO…

You know it in deep in your soul that you want to do x (x being whatever you teach) and you want US to be your teacher… Then lets get on a call and see how we can help you.

I’m not going to sell you anything today.

This is literally a free value call.

But if you know you want to do this and you want accelerated results… Lets talk.

You’ve nothing to lose, it’s free to book a call and even if our coaching program isnt a good fit for you you’re still going to leave this call with a lot of value and insight”


That’s the gist… I kind of repeat that message over the course of 20-30 minutes.

While also dropping some inspiring quotes in there too.

It’s not a hard pitch… I don’t even discuss my coaching program.

Because my goal with the workshop was to create a knowledge gap and get them to like me.

If you do those correctly people will literally just want to work with you

Results From Using This Strategy

Last month when I did this workshop here are the stats:

  • 600 registrants
  • 300 attendees
  • 200 attendees on at the end when I started discussing the coaching program (we ran long… like 2.5 hrs of pure value)
  • 39 booked calls
  • 44% close rate
  • 17 deals closed 
  • $102,000 in revenue

The coolest part? 

Did this all for about 3 hours of my time on the webinar, about 3 hours preparing for the workshop (including the topic, slides, emails, landing page).

Because I just do it all naturally… I have fun… I share… And I’m human.

Our slides are extremely basic and we like to keep almost everything over the shoulder.

It’s easy money that creates and or deepens the relationship you have with your list.

Turning These Into Monthly Workshops

We do a variation of this workshop once per month.

And when I’ve shared this method privately with people a mistake I see over and over is that every month they just repeat the same content.

This wont work.

Remember, this is for your email list… And if you run the same content each month you’re no longer created a knowledge and or skill gap between you and the viewer.

They saw you present this last month! They know the content! This makes them think they have nothing else to learn from you any longer.

This is why we break down the content into slivers and go deep.

While one month I talk about email marketing, the next I’ll talk about SMS, the next I’ll talk about products, the next I’ll talk about customer avatars.

Keep it fresh, keep it new, keep it entertaining and create a deep and obvious knowledge gap

The other negative repercussions of using the same topic over and over are:

  • Lower attendance rates
  • WAY less booked calls
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Lower CLTV
  • Lower engagement rates (they think you never make anything new)

So yeah…. Stay away from it lmao.

How To Reuse Content & Make it NEW Again

There is a way to “refresh” your existing content which is something I do from time to time.

For instance, Q4 is an extremely important part of the year for eCom businesses.

So I do feel that it’s important that I talk about Q4 for multiple calls in a row.

The way I handle it is by doing this:

The first time I host the Q4 call I use the same strategy as listed above.

The second time, I need to refresh the content so my email list views it as something new even though its the exact same topic.

So I turn it into a challenge, now instead of "just come learn about Q4." we frame it as a "10K Challenge: Make Your First $10k In Sales In Q4"

This increases engagement significantly.

I don’t recommend doing this FREQUENTLY, but if you have to for some reason re-use the same content as the prior month, just turn it into a challenge…

If you’re a weight loss coach for instance, a workshop could be about metabolic rates, and then next month the workshop could be a challenge “burn 10 lbs in the next 30 days by hacking your metabolism”


How To Get People To Register & Show Up

Clearly getting people to register and attend is hugely important.

What's great is that when you consistently do these value-driven workshops, it creates a realtionship with your list, and people want to show up.

But the other part of it is getting your messages seen.

We promote the webinars via SMS to our whole SMS list, then we use Roezan's Event reminders feature to automatically send SMS webinar reminders.

This works really well, and recently we even got a 59% attendance rate (typically most people get ~25% show up).

Click here to get our guide on increasing webinar attendance.


I sincerely believe any coach that implements in their business can add 7-Figures to their bottom line.

The strategy is outstanding.

By the way… We’ve actually helped a few coaches implement this into their business such as Eric Cipolla, who is using Roezan to get boost his monthly webinars:

Want us to help implement these strategies in your business?

Book a call with us by clicking here, if you don’t at MINIMUM double your investment into us within 60 days… We’ll refund ya everything ;)

Devin Zander