How To Book More Sales & Strategy Calls With SMS

March 28, 2023

Want to increase your sales calls and fill up your calendar? 

Check out this EXTREMELY easy strategy to instantly get results:

How this works:

This is an easy strategy that you can implement very quickly.

We book a lot of sales calls by writing what we call "book a call" emails, but you can take the same content and get double the results by using SMS.

The Book-A-Call Content

There are lots of ways to write book-a-call content, but I'll just tell you what has worked for me in the past.

These usually involve just writing a simple email that has a story or an angle that the core audience can identify with.

I try to write a simple scenario that really draws out a pain they are experiencing. Think about common misconceptions, or common pain that you resolve.

You'll be able to capture their attention and really "hook" them if you're able to describe their situation / pain better than they even can.

If you can get them to say "OMG that's EXACTLY what's happening to me!"  then you'll have them.

Then show them a simple "ah ha" moment, or thing that could change everything in the story. Really show them something valuable, which is usually related to what you do.

Then at the end ask to book a call if they want to get the result etc.

Another alternative to this is to simple write a quick case study of a client. "Want to know how Sarah did XYZ in less than 30 days?"

Similar type of vibe - something the reader can connect with and get excited about that shows the ah-ha moment and transformation.

This doesn't have to be complicated or long, simple can work if your audience is familiar with you.

Using This As An SMS Strategy

Now, this is what we write in the email, but this post is all about SMS.

The problem is that, if your list is like most, only about 15-30% of the people are actually opening the emails. That means the MAJORITY are not.

So you just take your content, and post it onto a webpage with a link to the calendar at the bottom.

In the example in the video, we just copied the email content into a quick very simple clickfunnels 1 page.

And then write a short SMS with a link to the page and send it to your SMS list.

In our test, the SMS outperformed the email by 18X (when you account for list size)... hell yeah!

Try out this simple technique and let us know how it works for you!


The Roezan Crew

P.S. Don't sleep on this just because it's simple... check out this testimonial we got about implementing this technique!

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