How To Triple Your Coaching Business… Without Increasing AdSpend

Marketing Strategy
April 18, 2023

What the HELL is up... It’s ya man who puts the Zan in Roezan.. Devin Zander

Welcome to blog where we’ll give you a nice breakdown on how we’re making millions in our coaching/course business and how you can do the same!

And today… 

I’m going to teach you how you can take your 6-Figure or low 7-Figure information biz and turn it into a $5 million+ cash machine.

Using the power of… Statistics and revenue forecasting woohoo

Isn’t that fun? I mean gentlemen hide your ladies because I’m just oozing excitement here.

Here’s a creepy photo of me to show you how excited I am:

But seriously, what I’ll show you today is a way you can use math to create laser focus in your business and show you exactly what you need to focus on to take your info biz to the next level.

Here’s a super basic overview of what’s covered in this post:

  • The highest leverage way to add more profit in your business
  • Why focusing on increasing your ad spend NOT the key
  • The simple math that can essentially triple your business
  • How you can do all of this only generating 2.5 customer per day instead of trying to generate hundreds of sales per day

With all of that out of the way… Let’s go over...

How To Get Your Biz To $5 Million With MATH!

So before you can have a successful business you need one of two things…

  1. A successful front end product and the model I recommend is using a $997 front end product that’s sold via evergreen webinar… 
  2. A steady flow of leads that are willing to buy products from you

I will operate under the assumption that you’re using method #1

If you want our course that breaks down how we make 7-Figures profit per year with our $997 Front End product you can click here

Think of your front end product as the “Faucet” for your business.

This means that you crank it up or lower it and it will have a compound effect on your entire business because of how the funnel will work.

What’s great about the model I’m going to show with you today is that you only need to make 4.2 sales per day on your front end offer to get to the $5 million mark.

And even if you only do half of that you’ll still hit multiple 7-Figures

Now we get into the value ladder itself…

And look this section may seem basic but stay with me because I promise it’s worth it.

How The Value Ladder Works

A value ladder is the idea of adding higher value and increasingly expensive products your customers can buy from you.

Here’s a graphical representation:

The idea is you’re constantly moving your customers “up your ladder” by offering them more value at a higher price.

To hit that $5 million dollar mark here’s what your value ladder should look like:

$997 Front End → $6,000 Coaching Offer → $25,000 DFY/Consulting/Coaching Offer

It’s really up to you what’s included in each step of the ladder.

That being said I recommend using the price points I outlined above

Now we get into the math… And hitting those sales goals

I’ve prepared a simple excel sheet that can help you forecast revenue. However, it is extremely simple and all you have to do is laser focus on each funnel step one at a time.

First things first you’ll want to get your front end offer to 30 sales per week, which isn’t a lot but easier said than done for most.

This is literally all you need to focus on… 

And if you want our exact blueprint for that I recommend clicking here and checking out our framework

Side note: I would suggest introducing your $6K Offer and $25K Offer as soon as you start making front end sales… I would however warn against focusing TOO MUCH on this until you get your front end offer generating sales reliably

Our goal here is to get you a business that reliably prints money and you can scale exponentially just by upping your ad spend… And to do that we need to master the funnel one step at a time

Back to the content…

Once you get your Front End offer dialed in and making sales reliably that’s going to net you about $1,555,320 in sales RELIABLY per year ($29k a week! Not bad)

REMEMBER…. THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS… Is that you are generating 30 sales per week RELIABLY… That doesn’t mean you do 80 sales one month and 10 sales the next… It means 30 per week on repeat

Reliably = You know your CAC (Customer acquisition cost) and it’s RELIABLE

So, you know exactly how much you need to spend to acquire a customer.

And you’re spending enough to acquire on average 30 customers per week:

Oh BABY look at that… All we’ve done is worked on our front end and we already have a million dollar a year business! Making $29K Per week too… Hellllz yeah

Steak dinner on you!

(But I’m vegan… So get me like a tofu steak or something.. Or make fun of me for being a soyboy haha)

Now the fun begins, get ya flip phone out and call your grandma… Because we’re about to turn those 30 Front-End sales Into a hyper profitable & scalable business 

Because the rest of your funnel doesn’t rely on CAC anymore… 

It’s all profit except COGS (Cost of goods sold such as employee overhead or cost to fulfill)

Once you’re getting those 30 customers per week you’re going to now start putting a lot of focus (if not all of your focus) on creating a reliable system that converts x% of those FE customers into your $6,000 program.

I am going to suggest you aim for at least 25%

That means you want to reliably get 7-8 $6,000 customers per week… a little more than one per day.

Again, what does reliability mean?

It means you’ve built a system that you know ON AVERAGE WILL GENERATE 7-8 Customers.

For it to be reliable that means all of this should be happening without you doing any external work… It should just be a machine/automation that you setup once and then optimize.

“But Devin! How do I create a badass machine that upgrades my customers on autopilot?!”

How We Get Customers To Ascend Quickly & Automatically

Fear not... Here’s a few ways we’ve created that sales machine internally:

1. Put Video Testimonials In The First Module With a Link To Book A Call

Structure your training in a way that ensures your student’s see all the success stories from your $5k Program.

We include a lot of video testimonials from students in the higher end coaching program in the first module of the course.

Then we ensure the new students KNOW what that coaching program is and push them to book a call.

2. Automated SMS Campaign With Results + Book a Call

Create an automated SMS Campaign to get them to watch the videos mentioned above (put these outside a membership site so they don’t need to login)

We use Roezan to send automated SMS messages from inside ActiveCampaign after someone buys and these are to those same testimonial videos encouraging users to book a call so we can help them get to success quicker.

3. Automated Email Campaign With Results + Book A Call

Do the same thing mentioned above but with email

4. Weekly Live Case Study Calls

Host a weekly live call for your customers with a successful student… Make it a value based case study and offer them the chance to book a call with your sales team

If you execute all of this correctly you should be able to get a near 100% call booking rate from new customers in your $997 FE Program

Our sales reps close at 35ish% 

Accounting for a no show or two we can say booked call to close rate on average is 25%.

So Voila… With 30 FE Sales Per Week we are now making 7-8 $6,000 sales.

(And this doesn’t even include all the non buyers who attended your evergreen webinar that you can pitch your $6k offer to as an alternative if they don't buy the $997)

Now our sales are going to look like this:

We now have a weekly revenue of $74k and we’re making almost $300k/month! Not bad

Now for the final part of the funnel… Selling your $25K offer

Ascending To Your $25k Offers

Now look I’m not going to go super in-depth on this part because the steps are exactly the same as the last step.

We need to create a reliable machine to turn x% of FE customers into customers of your $25K offer.

The goal I’m going to set for you here is 5%... Minimum.

Which means if you’re making 20 sales on your front end offer per week.

You’ll generate 1-2 $25K sales per week.

So again… Your business is starting to become a machine producing cash you can rely on.

You know for certain how much revenue will be coming in on average each and every day.

Gone are the days of uncertainty and frustrations…

However… You still need that final machine.

You’ll want to create automations that run within your business on autopilot to elevate customers from that front end into $25K customers.

Important Note: Skipping Ascension Steps

And here’s something cool a lot of people may not consider.

Just because someone doesn’t buy your $5k Offer doesn’t mean they won’t buy your $25k offer.

You can even make your $25k offer beginner friendly by putting more of the DFY/Automation aspect of it.

Find a way to make something that does almost all of the work for your customers. It’s not that they don’t have the money to spend… It’s just that they didn't see the value in the $5k offer.

However, if you’re providing them an “automated, cant fail” solution… That might interest them.

And of course you have all those who purchased your $5k offer to sell too.

You may offer these people a discount since they paid $5k already but that’s up to you.

And when you get this machine done… Here’s what revenue will look like:

Boom… $100k+ a week! $400k+ Per month! And a whopping $5+ million per year

And look… Here’s the BEST PART ABOUT BUILDING THIS MACHINE for your business

You now know two things with ABSOLUTE STATISTICAL CERTAINTY

  1. 25% of people who purchase your front end offer will buy your $5K Offer
  2. 5% of people who purchase your front end offer will buy your $25K Offer

Since we know those things… Now we can think about starting to scale up the amount of sales your front end offer generates per day by simply scaling your ad spend.

This is the power of truly understanding your stats and building your business in a way that reliably escalates customers into your next tier.

Once you finish your “Reliable Machine” all you do is scale up the front end and enjoy the trickle down effects that compound into massive amounts of revenue.

Obviously things may change on the front end. You’ll need to test new ads and CAC may go up. 

But since there’s no CAC on your back end products you should be able to remain profitable.

Again, I recommend checking out our course on scaling your Front End Offer by clicking here

Additional Ways To Add More Revenue

And there are many other ways to add massive amounts of extra revenue to your business as well.


  • Affiliate promotions
  • Small recurring memberships
  • Software
  • One problem one solution courses

These are all nice extra income in addition to that generated by your machine.

Tracking Your Revenue & Getting Your Numbers Right

If you’re looking for tools to help you accomplish this, I highly recommend WickedReports… 

We use it internally to track all of our marketing and customer cohorts.

Or you can go the old school route and use a VA + Excel

You can also get your own copy of the Excel spreadsheet I used in this post to forecast revenue by clicking here… 

Click “File” in the top left corner and the click “Make A Copy” to copy this spreadsheet into your own google drive

And if you want an amazing SMS solution to help you generate more revenue from your coaching business… Click here to try out Roezan

We’ll help you implement it and will work personally with you to help skyrocket your revenue

Thanks for reading… Feel free to respond to this and let me know your thoughts!

Devin Zander