How To Use SMS To Increase Customer Lifetime Value

April 3, 2024

Most businesses use SMS for marketing - getting more leads and getting people to BUY!

But smart businesses know that a massive chunk of the money is made on the backend.

After you have a steady stream of leads and sales, increasing CLTV (customer lifetime value) is often the biggest leverage point you have for increasing your profits.

Increasing lifetime value is all about getting MORE customers to success so they can either 

  1. Continue to subscribe to your continuity program… 
  2. OR ascend to more expensive programs (high-tier coaching, masterminds, or 1-on-1 programs).

So how do you do this with SMS? 

Here are 8 ways you can use text messages post-sale to increase your customer lifetime value!

1) Send A Purchase Confirmation + Instructions Via Text Message

One of the most shocking things about running coaching and training programs is that most people don’t even log in and complete the training!

And if they don’t get the value… there’s little chance they’ll buy something from you again.

So one of the best things you can do is automate a text message (or a sequence) right after they purchase to make sure they got access!

You can do this easily in Roezan multiple ways, but one easy way is to use our Automations feature. Just send off a message or series of messages when someone joins your “Product Purchase” list.

2) Automate Your Onboarding With SMS

Next up is to automate onboarding messages. 

Depending on your program, there are a few things you could do to increase engagement and make sure that your onboarding rocks.

Ask Them To Book An Onboarding Call

Often one of the first steps is to get an onboarding call booked. You can automate this and request they book a call via text message.

Example: Hey %FIRST_NAME% is Clayton from Roezan. Welcome to the program! First step: Book your onboarding call here: We’ll go over your goals and get you set with a customized game plan!

Fill Out An Intake Form

Does your program have an onboarding or intake form? 

Send this out via text, or send reminders that your new clients need to fill it out to get started.

Example: Hey %FIRST_NAME% is Clayton from Roezan. Welcome to the program! First step: Fill out this intake form here:  After we get your information, we’ll put together a customized game plan for you.

Give Homework

Send homework assignments and check in with them. When students have homework and put in effort, they are more likely to succeed. You can use text messages to send them homework assignments, offer support, and check up on progress.

Hey %FIRST_NAME% is Clayton from Roezan. Welcome to the program! First step: Fill out this intake form here: After we get your information, we’ll put together a customized game plan for you.

Check-In On Them

You can also automate a check-in message to see how they enjoy the program and increase engagement. 

Hey %FIRST_NAME% is Clayton from Roezan. It’s been a few days since you’ve joined X. How are you liking the program so far? 

Then you can follow up 1on1 as responses roll in.

3) Send SMS Reminders For Group Training or Coaching Sessions

If you’re doing group coaching calls, you can use SMS to both alert your students that you’re having an upcoming call, and also send reminders to join when you go live.

This is super easy to do in Roezan. Just set up event reminders automatically with our events feature:

The more engagement = the more results = the more testimonials = the more upgrades and the higher LTV.

4) Send SMS Reminders For 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Are you doing 1 on 1 coaching sessions? 

To get the value... they gotta show up! 

Customers that show up to their scheduled calls are customers that are more engaged and will spend more time and money with you!

Send coaching session reminders for with our native Calendly integration or via our Zoom integration!

P.S. Check out our guide on how to increase show-up rate and reduce no-shows on booked calls

5) Send New Content Alerts To Students Via SMS

You can use SMS to alert your students when you publish new content.

For example:

  • New student success stories
  • New Videos
  • New Discussions on your forums, Facebook groups, Skool groups
  • New Articles
  • New Social Media Posts
  • New modules or sections in your course

6) Have Conversations Via SMS For Your 1-on-1 Check-Ins

Using our conversations feature, you can have individual 1-on-1 conversations with your students. You can use this for actual coaching conversations or just to check in on progress.

This is one of the best things about using Roezan’s online interface. Since you have a separate number, you can easily separate your personal phone from your work / students.

Many of the coaches on our platform offer “unlimited texting” as a part of their coaching. You can just log into Roezan and easily respond to your student's questions. 

Roezan’s conversation organization features easily allow you to see new SMS that comes in as well as mark conversations as closed.

7) Offer Customer Support Via SMS

Offering text support is another great use of our Conversations feature. 

A lot of coaches have a VA, or support team that checks and responds to incoming messages. 

8) Use Text Messages For Upsells & Special Offers

And finally, you can use SMS to help ascend customers up your ladder. 

This might be alerting them of a special offer for previous students, new programs that you’re opening up, or any other kind of promotion. 

Increase LTV

Using SMS for marketing is a great way to increase your conversion rate, but don’t sleep on using it post-sale as well!

If you'd like to get access to Roezan to automate your SMS - Book a call with us here!