SMS Marketing Strategy: 6 Keys To Add 30%+ More Revenue In Your Biz

April 10, 2022

There’s an art to using SMS marketing effectively.

If you’re a smart business owner (which I’ll assume you are) then you should aim to not just close more deals/revenue via SMS, but also realize that this is an amazing way to build rapport and relationships with your customers.

Your customers will actually look forward to receiving communication (yes including promotions) from you, and you get a massive 99% open rate and 20%+ CTR from your text messages!

So, how can you ensure those returns aren’t only high but consistent over long periods of time?

It comes down to how you text your customers.

Sure, you can send out HUGE TEXT BLASTS every day and make some good money (this still will work), but that’s short term thinking.

What you really want is something that is steady and reliable that generates you MUCH more money over time, and your efforts compound generating even larger returns down the line.

(Don’t let this scare you though, there are simple “plays” you can implement with SMS right now that take under 20 minutes and will instantly increase your revenue today. We have a free PDF on six of them you can download right now, including the 4 texts that made us $40K+! Click here to check it out.)

So, How Can You Implement A Long Term Super Profitable SMS Strategy Into Your Biz?

Go in with the right intentions.

It’s important to understand that one of the keys to succeeding in the ADHD Economy is developing a real connection with your audience base.

They have 1,000,000 different platforms competing for their attention right now. This is why email CTRs are dropping significantly.

Your competitors are no longer just confined to those who sell in your niche. Netflix, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter… All these different websites are fighting for your customer’s attention.

Attention is the new currency, and it’s a fierce competition right now.

Which means that if someone is “spending” all of their attention elsewhere there will be none leftover for you.

Which also means no money for you either… 

Attention MUST COME before money can. Where attention goes, money flows.

So how does SMS solve that?

Emails are “impersonal” and by the very nature of how businesses have used them the past 20+ years most of your customers will view them as transactional.

Phone calls don’t scale, not to mention people are becoming so antisocial thanks to social media that they DREAD PHONE CALLS.… 

(Note: this isn’t true for audiences above 45, they LOVE TALKING on the phone.)

So what happens when you call a friend? They don’t answer and they say “text me.”

People want to talk to you… But they want to do it THEIR WAY.

The answer is SMS.

And here’s a cool stat… 97% of Americans have a cell phone with SMS.

However, only 90% of Americans over the age of 15 check their email (or even have email). Another win for SMS.

So now we know that your customers want to text you

But how do you use SMS the right way, in which you build relationships and generate profit?

Let me show you:

1. How To Use Text Marketing The Right Way 

While the end goal is always to make money, blasting promos cannot be the sole focus when it comes to SMS or you will seriously hamper your long term profits. 

Your customers want to feel heard, and when someone ACTUALLY LISTENS TO them they will become a raving fan and a loyal customer with a nice big juicy LTV.

And if you are a coach or marketer who wants to only work with a few clients who pay you a lottttt of money, this is the beginning of your golden ticket.

So when crafting an effective SMS strategy keep in mind that you should 

Show your personality in your texts

  • Talk about what you did that day in your texts and maintain your picture as a person (you can use MMS aka Photos to really take this to the next level)
  • Be transparent and honest about who you are. For instance I talk with my customers about alcoholism and how overcoming it made me the person I am today. People connect with this and see I’m real and I overcame my own struggles. They feel like we’re friends, they feel like they know all about me. And they buy more from me.
  • Appear as a HUMAN (this is key) in your texts. Not as a business but the REAL YOU.

Use conversational tone (how do you text your friends?)

  • Ask for responses, train your customers to really engage with you and your brand
  • Don’t just sell, sell, sell or eventually people will unsubscribe and stop

Respond to them

  • If your customers text you, respond or have your support/sales/setters respond
  • Customers will text you with concerns, address those concerns and make them feel heard.

Right now most coaching businesses paint themselves as larger than life figures which can be super good and work.

But what people really want right now and what makes you stand out now is building that real connection with your customer.

There are now probably 100,000+ social media influencers all posting with their lambos and their travels around the world.

They’re your competition and fighting for your customers' attention too.
You don’t stand out by doing the same thing they do. You stand out by being REAL, transparent and actually talking with your customers.

2. Know Your Customers

Okay I know this is abstract but if you take the time to truly figure out who your customers are (your customer avatar) it makes it extremely easy to connect with them.

If you do this right, not only will you attract the right people, you can also repel the wrong people.

You can strengthen your tribe by having a common enemy (this is a major attention grabber!).

If you can start building a real relationship with your customers you will win both their attention and their dollar.

Try and understand why they came to you in the first place.

What are their goals and why are these their goals?

Why did they CHOOSE to do whatever it is you offer (lose weight, eCom, Amazon, Copywriting)?

It’s important to find the nuance there, not just what their main goal is, but why they chose this way to make money online?

So if you’re an eCom coach who teaches people to sell on Shopify, you don’t ask “why did this person want to make money online” but also “Why did this person want to make money online and choose Shopify to do it?”

That will tell you a lot about someone!

People get into copywriting because they’re creative and enjoy writing. People get into eCom because they’re process driven. 

By understanding the answers to these questions you can craft not just texts but emails, videos, sales pages and everything in between that make your customers feel like you know and understand them.

This is not an easy feat to do, but the rewards for it are ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE and you will stand out from the crowd.

  • You will fully control your prospects attention
  • They will open more of your email
  • They will click more of your texts
  • They will attend more of your webinars
  • They will interact with more of your content
  • And they will buy more of your products

Here are a few key questions you can ask to truly understand and empathize with your customers:


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Family? Yes/No: If Yes, How Big?
  • Income
  • Where they live
  • Hobbies
  • Musical Taste
  • Movie/Book/TV Show taste
  • Profession
  • Political Leaning (this is a massive way to connect with Americans right now)
  • Websites they frequent


  • Moral & ethical frameworks (Religion, pro-life, vegan)
  • Perceptions they have of certain authority/media/people/groups
  • The kind of person they like to think of themselves as
  • Ideological frameworks (anti-vax)
  • How they would behave in a given situation

Identity & Belief Patterns

  • What motivates them?
  • What’s causing them to suffer every day?
  • What is making their life a “living hell” right now, and why?
  • Who are they angry at?
  • Who do they feel misunderstood by?
  • What annoys them all the time?
  • What keeps them up at night, sweating bullets?
  • What situation do they want to escape from?
  • What do they feel guilty for?
  • How are their problems impacting their day-to-day life?

The goal is to know your customers better than they know themselves.

If you can do this and describe their unconscious beliefs, they will hit the buy button faster than you can imagine.

And you also knew that most of them are also obsessed with a celebrity or some TV show…

You can use hot topics to create content that grabs their attention, and use the angles to persuade them.

The result? 

Your customers feel that they connect with you, they love you and they want to hear from you more often.

When gathering this data you should be looking for the median:


Not everyone will share those views/interests/demographics but if you appeal to the largest segment of your audience and alienate the few who don't fit in, you will without a doubt make a lot more money.

Higher conversion rates and LTVs will start happening overnight almost as if you “cracked the magic code” to connecting with your audience.

3. Start With Text Messages EARLY

In a perfect world, you should text your customers from day one.

When you market/communicate to your customers you’re “training” them to respond a certain way.

For example, at my company Skup, my partner had a store he sold that was making $20,000,000 per year selling t-shirts.

In all his Facebook ads it was just the shirt by itself and a white background (no models wearing the shirt at all).

Whenever he tried to sell his shirts via ads with a model wearing the shirt, the ads would flop.

Meanwhile, one of his biggest competitors in the same exact niche had the opposite problem. His shirts only sold if the ads had models wearing the shirt and they couldn’t get a white background to work

This is because your customers become accustomed to the way you talk to them and need to be “trained” to accept the new form of communication if you haven’t used it in the past.

It’s not to say it’s difficult to start using SMS, but if you start doing it right when you receive a new lead, they will get used to receiving texts from you, clicking those links and purchasing from their mobile device.

Similar to the stock market, the best time to start is always TODAY. Start implementing SMS as soon as possible so you can start getting in on the massive visibility and profit that comes with utilizing it.

(Not to mention the increased rapport and connection you get with your customers)

Which brings me to my next point…

4. Train Your Customers To Respond

If you spend months doing “non conversational” texting with your customers aka just blasting them with offers and promos but not really building a relationship, you’ll find out that eventually, you churn people.

Then you’ll want to do some “win-back” campaigns where you’ll text them something along the lines of “Are you still interested in x?” 

Here’s the issue; You just spent the last 120 days TRAINING your customers that they shouldn't be responding to your texts.

So while you will win some of those leads/customers back, it won't be as effective as it would have been if you had been training them to respond since day one.

Here’s an example of how this could work:

Let's say someone buys your $47 coaching offer and you want to upsell them to your back end which is a $997-$25000 offer - Something big that requires a phone call.

What most people do is they’ll send a text or email that says something like

“Hey want to see how we can help you get to success faster with 1-on-1 coaching? Click this link and book a time with our team!

Which isn’t very personal, and although it might work, it most likely will have mediocre results.

Now, here’s a more “conversational text” that will also warrant a response from your customer

“Hey Name, just saw you joined our program :) that’s so sick I’m happy to have you on board! Want to schedule a call with me and see if I can help you succeed faster?”

Another option:

“Hey, I'm thinking of taking some calls next week to see if I can help people in the XYZ program succeed faster, I thought you might be interested. Want to set up a call?”

No links or anything like that. Let people respond to this text message with a yes (a micro commitment if you’re familiar with how powerful those are).

And when they send you a “yes” or “sure” or whatever, you can have an automatic response that will send them your booking link.

Boom… More sales calls and more high ticket clients generated!

And it has a much more personal approach where they feel like they’re talking with and working with a real person who cares about them and their goals. 

The cool thing is that it only takes some tweaking of your messages to make it more conversational. No long genius copywriting. Just write to them as an individual.

This will REALLY make you stand out from your competitors who act like a robot!

5. Start Implementing SMS Directly Into Your Marketing Automations

One of the most powerful things you can do is to set up automations to send texts. This will make it so that customers / leads are getting timely interactions when they become a lead, sign up, make a purchase, etc. 

There are a lot of service providers that have SMS natively in their automations but usually there are a few issues.

First, you can’t see any data on deliverability to know if you’re wasting messages.

Second, the bigger issue is that it’s usually only one-way communication: You don’t know if your customers responded or not, so you can’t really build the relationship.

So what ends up happening is your clients respond over and over to your texts, but they never hear back from you. 

They feel maybe you think they aren’t worth your time and the efficacy of your SMS marketing drops significantly.

That’s exactly why we built Roezan and it solves all these problems!

You can use Roezan’s native ActiveCampaign integration (every single ActiveCampaign account comes with it pre-installed).

This allows you to automate Roezan SMS messages directly within your automations.

So let’s pretend you have a 7-Day abandonment campaign to try and save the sale of someone who started to buy your $997 product but didn’t finish. Now you want to send them a case study email to help push them over the edge. It’s scheduled to send 12 hours after they abandon the cart.

All you do is edit your ActiveCampaign automation right after that email, you’ll have it send an SMS from Roezan.

Now remember we have two goals -  relationships AND money.

So your SMS can say something like “Hey John, I just emailed some case studies to your email Let me know what your thoughts are after you read them!” 

Now you get increased visibility on that email because people are actually looking for it instead of randomly checking their inbox and seeing it.

Plus, you get the added option for them to respond and you can deepen your relationship with this customer, which means they’ll be much more likely to buy this product and your future products.

You can also then use our “Conversation Close” which is one of the 6 Plays in our SMS Playbook you can download for free by clicking here.

This is just one example, but you can easily work SMS into all of your ActiveCampaign automations using Roezan in under 24 hrs (and if you want, you can book a call with us and we’ll even do it for you over Zoom + help you find quick wins in your business.)

If you don’t use Active Campaign, don’t worry. We have a Zapier integration that will let you work Roezan magic with essentially any app on the planet.

You can use automations to keep texts flowing in all parts of your business:

  • Welcome to your brand texts
  • Segmenting questions
  • Webinar ‘starting soon’ reminders
  • Upcoming scheduled call reminders
  • Deal ending tonight reminders
  • Thanks for buying texts
  • Welcome to your service / program
  • Live event reminders
  • … and lots more.

Automations can be extremely powerful. But you can also make a huge bang with broadcast (mass texts) as well:

6. Cash In On Your Goodwill/Connection

I know I talk a lot about how SMS is conversational and how blasts for money grabs can be potentially harmful, but the truth is you should be doing both. 

However it needs to be done strategically to maximize your profit throughout the entire year and not just once off.

One of my favorite books is “The Go Giver” I run my businesses based off these principles listed below:

I want to point out law #5 “The Law Of Receptivity” 

These strategies require a lot of connecting with your customers over time and this does have a huge payoff (much bigger than not doing it).

And I want you to think of all these little connection building interactions as “deposits” in  your savings account that has a 20% interest rate…

Every single time you do something that furthers the relationship with your customers, you’re making little deposits that are accruing massive amounts of interest.

Day after day, you’re just making deposits and never making withdrawals.

You’ll still make a lot of passive income on what we’ll call “dividends” - These are just natural occurrences where your customers buy stuff from you because of your SMS automations or increased relationship with your customers.

But eventually, it’ll come time to make a “withdrawal” AKA send a huge massive promo to your entire SMS list.

And since you’ve been making daily deposits, and you’ve been getting huge amounts of compound interest without asking for anything in return…

When you finally send these huge blasts (maybe once per quarter or per month if ya crazy with it) you’re going to reap HUGE rewards, and generate an extremely large amount of cash.

A coach of mine did this the other week and generated over $2,000,000 in profit in two weeks. No ads… No sales pages… No webinars… No money spent on marketing. Just one simple message sent to a google doc and then a checkout page.

Those numbers are crazy, but the reason he was able to do it was because he had just been building up massive value without asking for anything in return.

Then when it came time for him to launch something, it was so easy, and the offer exploded. He had so much pent up goodwill that the offer crushed, and didn’t even have to be pitched hard.

We have to be open to receiving from our customers as well.

When you’re making daily deposits in their well being and in the relationship you’re building with them, the withdrawal they give you eventually could be the biggest payday you see in your business.


That’s a primer on how you can start using SMS marketing in your business

If you want me to personally help you get this setup in your business I’d be happy to do that and do it for free.

All you gotta do is book a call with us and set up your Roezan account today.

Let’s change the way you market forever, and turn your customers into lifelong raving fans who become evangelists for your brand for years to come

Click here to book a call with me.

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