Struggling To Create a Million Dollar Ad? Answer These 8 Questions To Make It Easy

Marketing Strategy
March 21, 2023

WHAT'S UP... It's the Man from RoeZAN aka Devin ZANder

And whether or not you want to believe it... There IS an easy formula for crafting ads for your offers and courses

But here's the deal... Right now you're on a journey towards your destination

And you need a map to get there

The destination is where you'll find millions of dollars waiting for you and a sea of happy customers ready to buy your items


And it's so vital to truly define what that destination is

Because I can give you a map... AKA my entire framework for ads

But it wouldn't do you a single thing because you DO NOT YET KNOW YOUR DESTINATION

A map without a defined destination is just another piece of paper aka it's useless

Similar to how that one time I tried a mustache... Which was also dumb and useless

But hey... I tried


And once you answer them... You will know exactly where your destination is and how to get there

In simpler terms... you'll really understand how to write ads that make you an ass-ton of money

And that generate you a steady flow of profitable customers

So let's get into the eight questions you need to answer before you can ever write a profitable ad

Question 1: What is the ad trying to accomplish? 

What do you actually want the viewer to understand and do when seeing this ad? 

Key points to keep in mind: 

1) Your ad needs to be real & authentic: Don’t try to be something that you’re not. This will KILL the results. Find what works naturally for you and work at it until it’s real. 

2) Show what it is: Don’t just tell people, the more you can “show” them what they are getting the better. Think proof, proof, proof….

The biggest thing you need to overcome is that no one believes what you say is true, so you need to show vs tell (This is the power of video!)

If you're familiar with a "clearly defined outcome" as outlinted in our article here... That would sum up this point perfectly

3) Be cautious with free: “Free” is one of the most powerful words you can use… but do you want freebie seekers? This might get you more opt-ins but what about buyers? Be very careful with your wording and your intentions. 

4) Make realistic claims: You don’t need to use crazy over the top numbers if you’re not targeting high end buyers. In fact, using over the top numbers can hurt you for a few reasons.

People don’t believe you because it seems way too good to be true, and the people that DO believe you can have unrealistic expectations. Instead, use a range of different results that paints a realistic picture. You don’t want to have to compete on having the biggest claims. Having realistic claims is best long term. 

Question 2: Where will your ad be seen? 

Consider where your ad will be seen, the platform, the device, and the targeting. 

You need to match the modality of the viewer. 

For example… 

On Facebook: 

People surfing Facebook are looking for a quick hit. They are often walking, on the toilet, at the doctor's office, or otherwise busy.

They have very limited time and they are checking out what their friends and family are up to. 

The types of content that work on facebook are quick hits, that’s why viral / impulsive content works.

So you may send these people to short VSLs, Lead Magnets & text sales pages

On TikTok: 

Attention span is the shortest on this platform. You must have EXTREMELY engaging, quick hooks. 

The content that works here are short memes, trends, fast-paced and ADHD content. 

If you have anything that requires serious attention on TikTok that doesn’t match the modality… it will be hard to get it to convert.

Here you'll want to send people to lead magnets & short highly fast paced videos with good hooks

On YouTube: 

People watching YouTube are in viewing / learning / entertainment mode. Most YT videos are 10+ minutes (medium length). 

Content that performs well is education and entertainment content. 

One big difference on YouTube is that the audience is often seeking out information (vs. just scrolling through a feed), which makes this a great platform for educational pitches.

Here you'll send people to webinars & longer VSLs and or videos

Question 3: What kind of page are we sending them to? 

What is the goal of the lander? This needs to be expressed when writing the ad script. 

In your ad, you’ll need to tell them exactly what to do.

So if you're running an evergreen webinar you might say: "Click here, enter your email and register for today's live workshop"

and if you're running a book a call retargeting ad you might say: "Click here, fill out the quick form and pick a time that works best for you"

Also, make sure you have congruency in the ad to the landing page. When they get to the landing page it should be exactly what they are expecting. 

And even have similar language to what you used in your ad

Question 4: Who is the target avatar of the ad? 

Think about your buyer profile and what their dream is. The more you can create that type of imagery in your video the better. 

The ad needs to appeal and align with what your target audience wants. 

For example, in our ad we made sure to do a few things (some are subtle): 

● Used a professional camera to match the high-quality content that is on YouTube (building trust & authority) 

● Wore a dress shirt to represent professionalism (older audience respects professionalism) 

● Shot in an office (builds trust)

● Had an American flag in the background (conservative audience, values, entrepreneurship, freedom) 

Think about what is the dream life of your audience, the values, and how you can connect with them and convey those things. 

Especially focus on the doubts they are going to have in believing you, and how can you visually overcome that to ensure trust? 

Question 5: How are you targeting? 

Where are they seeing the ad (in front of what videos?). 

If you know the type of video your prospect is watching on youtube when you hit them with an ad you can custom tailor your message... For instance if your ad is only appearing on certain tutorials you can call that out and tell them you have a solution specific for them

What keywords are you targeting that the audience is searching for right before they see your ad? 

If you're targeting a keyword such as "Amazon FBA" with your Shopify offer you need to talk to this crowd slightly differently (you don't need to but it will skyrocket your results) address the fact they're looking for an FBA offer and tell them you have a better alternative and sell them on it

What messages will resonate, or grab their attention when they are searching for those specific keywords? 

Let's look at that example from above "Amazon FBA" think of awful things about Amazon FBA such as "Amazon takes huge fees and if you're super successful they'll knock off your product and put you out of business" these are terms that set off logical aha moments in your prospects brain and increases likelihood of conversion

What doubts, fears, questions do they have about these topics that you can use as the hook and throughout the ad? 

See the above but address broader fears as well... "Too old to do make money online" or "does it work for my country"

Question 6: How do I want to be perceived by the viewer? 

How do you want them to view you? Do you want to be the authority? Or down to earth?

You want to keep congruence throughout the experience - If you are the authority figure in the ad, it should be like that through the landing page, presentation etc. 

Don't act like a badass authority who doesn't give a fuck in your ad

And then act like a sensitive person when they get to the landing page

It's incongruent, people will see your incongruence and they will be confused by you and lose "faith" in you

Question 7: How can I hook my audience into watching? 

What are they going to find interesting? What thoughts are going through their head right now that you can hook them with? 

What unique things about your offer can entice them? (Think about your unique mechanism). 

If you do not recall or know what a unique mechanism is, I once again invite you to check out this article here

Question 8: What is going on in the world right now that I can capitalize on? 

Are there current events in the world, or in your niche that we can speak to? 

What are the recent trends in your niche that you can address and/or differentiate from? 

This is great to use as the hook and throughout the ad to make it relevant to TODAY.

Something we use in our ads selling our eCom course is the fact that a ton of ships were stuck at port so it was impossible to dropship items from china or do FBA if you were selling products from China

Things like this are AMAZING for getting your prospect to stop considering alternatives and instead focus on the solution you're offering

Alright guys, THAT'S IT! Comment below with your thoughts or any questions you have :)