The 8 Core Components Of A Million Dollar Offer

Marketing Strategy
March 21, 2023

Yo-yo-yo it’s Devin Zander back again with another step-by-step guide for building your own 7 or even 8-Figure coaching biz

Today we’ll be discussing your OFFER… A lot of people get this wrong

Typically when I ask coaches/course creators about their offer they just tell me the name of their course/coaching program

If that’s you… It’s okay… HELP IS HERE!

And whether or not you THINK you need a better “offer” I can promise that this will have profound effects on your bottom line.

If it doesn’t I will literally kick my dog… That is how much I believe in this… It fucking works… So Brutus has nothing to worry about.

Here’s an image preview of what happens you get everything in this right:

That is a screenshot of the previous offer I ran on YouTube and generated $23 MILLION in less than 2 years… Boom

Ready to work towards these results in YOUR business? Great.

It’s worth noting that everything written within this post is assuming your business sells some of kind of “transformation”

That can be gnerating more wealth, losing weight, meeting the partner of your dreams, improving your sex life… Learning to talk to animals

You know… Normal things people want...

But yeah, the idea is the product you’re selling helps people transform and get to a pre-destined place.

Which brings us to the 1st component of a million dollar offer ;) 


1. A Clearly Defined Outcome

This is WHAT (result) your customer will get. Your offer must have a clearly defined outcome. The more precise you can get with it, the better.

Remember the quote: “A ship without a destination is just lost at sea.”

And no dude, this is NOT YOUR COURSE/PRODUCT.

It is the outcome they get from COMPLETING your course/product

A good formula to follow is: 

Objective quantitative goal + Time frame for completion of goal

  • Create a 6 Figure Coaching Business within 1 year.
  • Lose 20 pounds in 3 months.
  • Get 5 dates lined up in the next 14 days.
  • How to burn 800 calories in 30 minutes
This is my nightmare

There can be more than one outcome as well, but there should be a principal outcome.

Do not try to focus on too many outcomes… Focus on the main principal one and use it in every marketing message

The rest of them are tertiary.

2. A Big Idea

The big idea is the big WHY for your product or service

  • WHY this method
  • Why now
  • Why you

What is happening now that makes this a big idea? This is very connected to both the outcome and the unique mechanism.

Can you think of a reason why in particular your methodology is perfect for them, especially right now? 


  • Online education is the future and a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising - Therefore you should get this course.
  • Intermittent fasting speeds up the metabolism, and burns fat faster - This is new science that was just discovered.
  • Using online dating methods you can laser target your perfect match - now is the first time this has ever been available. 

For instance a “Big Idea” we have at Skup for our “Triple S” framework (Scale, Systemize & Sell) is that 

“It’s more important than ever to scale your business and exit as soon as possible. The marketplace is changing super quickly and eCom will be so different you may not even be in biz 5 years from now. So scale & sell before it’s too late”

Which originally was a “how to quickly scale & sell your store” a breakdown of how we took our store from 3 million to 20 million a year in revenue and sold it.

The big idea centered around two things

  1. Scale & sell your business in record time.
  2. Online businesses are changing at the speed of light… Scale & sell now because your store might not even EXIST if you wait 5 years.

3. A Unique Mechanism That Helps Achieve The Outcome

This is the “HOW” your product works.

And this particular component will help you enter HIGHLY COMPETITIVE/SATURATED NICHES and just absolutely dominate.

This is your unique model or way of achieving the result. This needs to be prolific, new, interesting, something they haven’t heard of before. 

It also allows customers to remove blame from themselves for why prior courses/methodologies haven’t worked for them.

So for instance let’s take a look at the big idea from Skup I told you about earlier “The Triple S Framework”

That is our unique mechanism… It’s our PROLIFIC & UNIQUE way of building and selling a business.

So let’s take a look at two different headlines:

“How You Can Build, Scale & Sell Your Business In 24 Months”

“Discover The “Triple S Framework” That Allows You To Automate, Build, Scale And Sell Your Business In 24 Months” 

Neither headline is terrible and the first is straightforward enough.

However, here’s x reasons why the second headline in which we include the unique mechanism is so powerful.

The first headline is not unique… People have heard this over and over… But they HAVEN’T HEARD of the “Triple S Framework”

And this creates massive curiosity into how your “method” works which means they digest your sales message better and ya make more money.

In our course, we call it the “I Heart You” E-Com model… 

It’s technically Print On Demand… But people have heard of that before.

If I said “Discover How To Make Money With Print On Demand” they’d say no thanks… 

Instead we say: “Discover How To Make Money With The I <3 You eCom Model”

Boom… People want to know what it is, what I’m talking about… They watch our evergreen webinar and they buy.

Another example is how P90X struggled for years to sell their product almost going out of business (closing the product line) until one of their copywriters said “let's try saying P90X works because of ‘Muscle Confusion.’

“Muscle Confusion” was their unique mechanism. No other weight loss products had talked about this before so it was new and novel. And then it also allowed customers to say “no wonder other weight loss products didn’t work for me! They didn’t confuse my muscles!’ 

Allowing for you to win over even the most jaded customers who told themselves they’d never buy another weight loss product again

I’m also PRETTY sure muscle confusion was pure BS… 

Most weight loss products do similar things to P90x but they were the first ones to put a name on it.

Some more famous examples are:

  • Titos vodka saying they’re gluten free… Look all vodka is gluten free but Tito’s made it their unique mechanism by saying it first… Now everyone else looks like a copy cat.
  • In the show Mad Men, Don Draper pulled the same stunt as Titos for his client Lucky Strike cigarettes… All cigarettes are toasted but they were the first ones to claim it… Claiming the mechanism and the market share that came with it.

4. Rock Solid Guarantee / Risk Reversal

Your offer should include a solid guarantee that reverses the risk. This will help overcome buying resistance and is essentially table-stakes in today’s market. 

You can use a 30, 60, 90, whatever you’d like here. The stronger you can make the guarantee the better. 

Keeping a time limit and putting it in your terms and conditions is important.

Another hack is to add names that stand out because since Guarantees are so universal people are starting to become blind to them

Alex Hormozi has what he calls the “Club A Baby Seal Guarantee” in which he states “If within 90 days you’re not so happy with our product you wouldn’t be willing to club a baby seal to keep it we’ll give you a full refund”

As you can see it’s a fun way to make your guarantee stand out to your customers and increase visibility.

5. Bonuses That Fight Objections

Bonuses should increase the perceived value of the offer. In a perfect world, the value of the bonuses far exceeds even the price of the core offer. 

The best way to create bonuses is to think about all the objections that people may have to your offer and create bonuses that help overcome those.

In the “I <3 you” offer, common objections were:

  • “I don’t know how to design” - We smash that objection by creating & giving them software that allows them to have pre-designed templates. All they have to do is type in their message. 
  • “I don't want to do support” - We show them how they can get support done for them
  • “I don’t have time / know how to set up my store” - We give them a template worth $299 and have our team install it for them.

And the list goes on… And I still add new bonuses to this day when I see that there’s a large enough group of people who have a certain objection

Here’s what I look like when I’m going over our bonus stack on webinars lol

Objections and complaints are your best friend.

Listen to them… And then USE THEM to create the sickest offer the planet as ever seen.

Keep adding bonuses until EVERY objection is OBLITERATED.

And if you can master this… Selling just becomes insanely easy.

6. Excellent Core Product

This is the product itself, and this should get a large amount of attention. However, the product that you launch doesn’t have to be the same forever, and almost never should.

For example, when we launched Jewelry Profits (The I <3 You Course), it had ~50 videos. Over time as customers came in and asked questions, we added videos, removed videos that were confusing, shot new ones and dramatically improved the course.

This is why you should always work on getting customer feedback and improving the actual product.

Funny enough though the product is the least important part of your offer. People typically don’t care what is inside the offer. 

Rather all they care about is that the product can help them achieve your clearly defined outcome

7. Justified Price

What is the price of the product plus all the bonuses? 

In Expert Secrets, Russel Brunson suggests that the total value of the product + all the bonuses should be roughly 10X the price that you are asking. This is a great price justification strategy.

8. Scarcity To Drive Action

Every offer should have some limited factor to it. A limited time when they can get all the bonuses, and a limited quantity of purchasers. This creates the urgency to act. 

People are naturally lazy and don't want to make decisions, so having a limited factor forces the decision.

That's why your biggest sales usually come on the last day, or even the closing hours of a promotion.

Without that, they don't have a real REASON to buy - they could just push the decision off for later.

You can even use unique events happening in the world to help increase perceived scarcity, as long as your reason makes sense logically to your customers.

“The price is lowered for the next 7 days only because we ordered too much stock since we were worried about supply chain issues.”

Or in the financial markets, I see “This loophole in the markets will only be available until the next senate meeting where they’re voting on closing it”

Your customer considers this scarcity in their head and since it logically makes sense, they can't argue with it. 


OK so we've covered the 8 core components of the offer, so your homework here is to go through your offer and MAKE SURE you have each one of these.

Some sound like basics but you'd be surprised how many offers we see that are missing 1 or more of these.

Remember the quote "professionals never don't do the basics." 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!