9 Ways To Easily Boost Booked Sales Calls

Marketing Strategy
April 3, 2024

If you're trying to boost the number of calls you get, this post is for you.

Here I've compiled 9 strategies to instantly increase the number of meetings you're getting. More meetings = more sales.

If you've been struggling to fill up your calendars - you're not alone.

Here's the reality of marketing today:

We live in an ATTENTION economy, and no matter HOW GOOD your message is... nothing really matters until it gets seen.

For example, most people's open rates on emails are ~20-40%.

And if you have a big list even getting that is difficult.

If you're getting 20% opens, that means 80% of people literally are not even seeing your messages.

So the first thing we need to do is get the messages seen.

You can probably improve the email side a bit, BUT the biggest thing that will immediately boost calls is:

Adding SMS at the right parts of your funnel...

When you add SMS you'll instantly start getting more attention.

Like, 15-30X more attention.

For example:

  • Email gets 20% opens and 1-2% clicks
  • SMS gets 99% opens and 15-30% clicks

Just plugging this in will boost everything, WITHOUT changing anything else (no more ad spend, no new content, no nothing, just plugging in SMS.

Here are some key ideas on where to put it:

1. Signup SMS Welcome Engagement

Just by texting people a welcome + engagement sequence upon entering their number, you'll instantly start booking more calls.

You want to snipe them right when they sign up and start getting engagement. Start the convo on the right foot and make a real connection.

An easy way to do this is immediately upon signup send a message:

"Hey firstname, this is [X acct manager] from [company], just wanted to make sure this is the right number for you?"

We're not looking for anything here except a response to get the convo going. This leads to a quick pre-qualify convo and then pushing to a call if qualified.

Now look, when I say "call" it doesn't necessarily mean shove your products down their throat.... haha. When someone signs up, it's hard to know where they are in the buyer cycle, and how much they know you.

If they are brand new, they might not know anything about you. OR they might have been consuming your content for a long time, and now are ready to take action. You don't know until you talk to them.

You don't have to make the first call a sales call - You can make it simply a relationship building call and just HELP them with something small, to get the relationship and prove your expertise.

For example, at Roezan, since I've had 10+ years of marketing experience growing companies, and my partner Devin not only has sold $10's of millions of dollars of courses (but also continues to do so).... It's extremely easy for us to help clients on our intro call without selling.

For the right people, we almost always end up giving out strategies, suggestions, tweaks etc. even outside of SMS that help clients. It's easy because we've been there x1000 so it's easy to spot.

(Book a call with us here and we can show you how to implement SMS for easy wins)

This makes the first conversation highly valuable, builds trust, and makes the sale much easier later (if they are a good fit).

Implement this and you will start getting engagement you never would via email.

Also, this can clean up leads that don't pick up the phone but do text since there is less friction via SMS than actually answering the phone.

2. Ascension SMS Sequence

The next place you can put SMS is right after their first purchase (often low-ticket) but this can also be post-opt in.

The idea is we want to "ascend" the buyers to the higher-ticket products.

This can be as simple as:

"Hey [firstname] its x from company. Saw you just got our product x - [insert question for engagement]"

Questions to try:

  • What made you pull the trigger on X product?
  • Where are you at in your X journey?
  • What are you trying to achieve with X?

Idea here is to just get them to get them to engage and ascend from the first purchase to the 2nd, often through a booked call.

3. SMS Book A Call Campaigns

These are the simple email > book a call page emails (broadcasts) you send, only difference is you replicate them to SMS.

You just take your best performing emails, copy them to a 1-page ClickFunnels page (no navigation etc) with the calendar embed at the bottom.

These can be anything - a simple angle written out, can be a short VSL, can be a case study, all of those work and you should try them all.

You just send out a text that says for example:

"Hey firstname, our client just got these X crazy results, check it out here: link"

And send them to the 1 page CF page with a embed at the bottom.

Check out this post here for more details.

Or this YouTube video:

4. Improving Webby Stats

You know it's not all about quantity, it's about quality too - and the post-webinar calls are often some of the HIGHEST converting.


Well, they just spend an hour listening to your pitch (if you are doing it right). So we gotta leverage the hell out of this.

You do this 4 ways:

  1. Getting more people to sign up for your webby
  2. Getting more people to attend your webby
  3. Getting more people to book calls from your webby
  4. Getting more people to attend calls from your webby

SMS will give you an excellent bump in ALL these... WITHOUT changing anything else.

One of our clients noted that 50% of his attendance comes from SMS...

Think about how much you're losing by just not texting these signups.

You should automate messages for all these things.

Check out this webinar sequence here to boost your attendees.

5. Boost Call Attendance Via SMS

Every tweak of the funnel helps. It's boring but it makes money. If you get more people to show UP to calls then you'll make more.

You can do this by sending SMS reminders for booked calls.


"Hey thanks for signing up for a call - just wanted to confirm you're booked for aug 9 @ 2pm and it will be on zoom."

2 Hours before:

"Hey just a quick reminder our call is in 2 hours at X time... Do you need the zoom link again?"

** Very important this goes out 2 hours before, not 10 min. People often forget about meetings, and if you send 1 hour reminders, they may be in the middle of something. 2-hour reminders give them time to get home, change their plans and get on the call.

10 min before:

"Hey our call is starting in 10 min, see you there"

Feel free to adjust messaging for the brand.

6. FB Retargeting Lead Ads + SDR

We've had a lot of success in our other company with doing a highly target FB Lead Ad + immediate SDR (sales development rep, setter, customer support agent, BDR etc) follow up via SMS + phone call.

Check out this post for full details on this method.

Make sure the lead magnet is your TARGETED audience, not a general lead magnet.

If you're having setters call, you need to make it so only qualified people would want the lead magnet.

It's very simple though. Just targeted / qualified lead magnet offer on a FB Lead ad + SDR team call + SMS follow up.

You can also use Roezan's native automations to set up a sequence for this!

7. Facebook / Paid Ad VSL Funnels

You can dramatically increase the quality of your calls by using a VSL before the call booking.

Instead of going from a ad > book a call or from email > book a call, put a VSL in between so that the prospect gets more context.

More context = higher call conversion = ROAS on ad reporting will be higher = you can justify more spend.

If you don't believe it, try taking a few sales calls that come from cold ads... I guarantee you'll develop more empathy for the sales team. haha!

The more context you give them, the easier the close.

Need a VSL template? Check out this breakdown we did here.

8. Reason For The Call

Find creative ways to give them a REASON for the call and make it so the sales team ACTUALLY helps them / gives them value.

Not just a needy "please book a strategy session.. ahem... sales call"

Instead, think of how you can really help a qualified person, and make the call explicit what it's about. Even consider making it so that they DO NOT sell on the call, just try to gain the relationship.

Just as an example, here are some sample "reasons" for an SEO company to have a call:

  • Get on a call so we can run a keyword opportunity report for you
  • Get on a call so we can run a competitor analysis for your website
  • Get on a call so we can show you the best bang for your buck SEO strategy
  • Get on a call so we can show you what your top competitor is doing
  • Get on a call so we can show you how your website does on our 10-point checklist
  • Get on a call so we can give you unpublished discounts

All these are reasons to get on a call that are better than a generic "strategy session."

9. SMS Your Best Campaigns

You likely try out lots of stuff. Webinars. Deals. Youtube Videos. Blog Posts.

Just take whatever is REALLY working via email, and send it via SMS broadcast.

We often see that SMS outperforms email EVEN IF you have a TINY SMS list in comparison to your email list.


We have WAY more ideas and more plays for you, but this should get you started.

If you implement these strategies you can probably double your calls.

Most of the benefit will come from SMS in terms of 'attention' but I think there are probably other levers you can pull on the call quality side by tweaking marketing (like improving webinars, improving VSLs etc).

If you want to discuss how you can use SMS specifically in your situation, book a call with us here.